Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum

Last September, the author of these words finally managed to visit the Goodwood Revival in Great Britain (fabulous event, you should go for yourself one day). During the course of this little trip, I seized the opportunity to visit Sammy Millers Motorcycle Museum in New Milton, Hampshire.

Sammy Miller, the man behind the museum, 11 times British Champion and winner of over 1400 events in a racing carrier spanning more than fifty years, might easily qualify as an expert when it comes to motorcycles, don’t you think?

However, the museum bearing his name is no less impressive than its owner’s career. I dare say most of you readers (who should be aficionados of old bikes since you landed on this website) might blow a fuse when entering this building. You might even wonder whom or what to sell or rob at home in order to get your fingers on any of the beauties exhibited here. Trust me, I did. However, even if the fairy godmother granted you one single bike to take home, most of us would probably struggle to make a choice.

Upon arrival at the museum, the reception tells you to anticipate four hours to appreciate the whole collection. However, if you plan to have a look at the sheer bulk of posters, engines, technical explanations and other motorcycle related stuff on display, make sure to add a few more hours to that.

But, rest assured; if you’re afraid to lose your mind and swoon, there’s a Tea House in the courtyard of the museum serving drinks and nibbles.

Oh, by the way: New Milton is located in New Forest National Park, a fabulous nature reserve. Here, splendid forests and landscapes invite visitors to extensive hikes. Therefore, if your lovely companion is not keen spending her/his day surrounded by Brough Superiors, NSU Rennmaxes, Moto Guzzi V8’s or one of the many other holy grails of vintage motorcycles, you can easily send her/him to the sticks! Just make sure to remember picking her/him up afterwards…

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