Saroléa Expo Brussels 2022

Last summer, from 15th of August until 18th of September 2022 to be precise, aficionados of Belgian motorcycle manufacturer Saroléa had the unique chance to visit an exhibition of their favorite brand at Brussels’ Autoworld Museum.

75 bikes from Herstal, carefully placed in between posters, pictures, engines and other paraphernalia, were waiting to be discovered by fans, owners as well as collectors of the marque. All of it nestled in the middle of an awe-inspiring scenery of Parc du Cinquantenaire, an impressive building erected in the early 20th century by orders of King Léopold the II.

If the basement level of the venue, housing nearly the complete civil model range of Saroléa, already had the potential to trigger certain of our cerebral areas, it definitely was the first floor with its unique collection of factory as well as customer racing machines, which might have ultimately blown some of our fuses. I dare say we will never again see so many Saroléa racing bikes in the same place.

Finally, if, by any chance, visitors had a few intact fuses left, they did well by having a glance at the rest of the museum and marvel at the many remarkable exhibits (two or four wheeled) Autoworld Museum has on display.

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