Am alen Zwier 2022

The sun was shining from a clear blue sky for the third edition of ‘Am alen Zwier’ on 13th of August 2022. In the early morning hours, about a dozen pre 1950 motorcycles as well as a handful of tractors of the same era gathered in the courtyard of club member Mike Koedingers house in Brouch. Welcomed by hot coffee and a few nibbles, participants (all wearing period correct garments, hence the name ‘Am Aalen Zwier’) learned about the first stint of today’s itinerary by organizer Nik Laroche. Participants who were not able to ride or drive their own old machinery hopped on a trailer and were towed to the first meeting point (people say, some kind of bubbly refreshment was served on said trailer).

After some thirty kilometers, bikes, tractors as well as tourist trailer reunited at the Beckericher Millen to visit the old sawmill and the adjacent mill museum. After that, refreshments were served at the Café Millespënnchen, just to make sure no one dies of dehydration during the following kilometers.

Time to hop on the old rides again; attack some twisty, sunny backroads and forest paths in order to let the old engines purr. Later, in the afternoon, two- as well as four wheeled antiques finally met at the site of Ansembourg Castle were a fabulous afternoon brunch, prepared by club member Garbriel Honnert and his two lovely ladies, awaited everyone. Here, participants had the opportunity to be portrayed by photographer Old, feast on the lovely buffet and enjoy the rest of the day in the shade of wonderful old trees and in the company of friends.

Kudos to all the organizers and helping hands of the ‘Am Alen Zwier’, who made the 3rd edition of this event such a casual day.

Thanks go out to Old as well, for many beautiful pictures.

We’re looking forward to next year’s edition…

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