Vintage Cars & Bikes Steinfort 2022

Once again, AMAL jumped at the opportunity to showcase its activities within the framework of the 2022 Vintage Cars & Bikes show in Steinfort at the 6th and 7th of August. Conveniently located near the entry of this year’s new event location, AMAL chose to put its event ‘Am Aalen Zwir’ (click HERE for a detailed article) in the limelight.

On the second day of the event, in the late Sunday morning, AMAL invited members as well as non-members to participate in a 40-kilometer swing around the area. A second, slightly shorter tour, was offered to owners of small displacement bikes. In total, around 30 bikes showed up for both tours.

Fabulous summer weather attracted loads of visitors to this year’s Vintage Cars and Bikes show, many of whom showed admiration for our display, which was erected with love and attention to detail.

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