Arbre à Cames 2023

On Friday, the 21th of July, the Belgian National Day, the Arbre à Cames Assosciation held their annual Arbre à Cames, a ride solely for pre 1940 motorcycles, in the village of Arbre, some 15 kilometers outside of Dînant. For this year’s 20th edition, a few AMAL members follow the call.

Meeting at 9AM in Arbres, the participants were welcomed with a coffee and a croissant before the first bikes started the tour around 10AM. The route was guided via Roadbook so everyone could ride at his or her own ease. 54 bikes participated in the event, with a few quite rare machines hitting the roads as well.

The itinerary led over some 100km on small rural roads around the vicinity of Dînant. Two grease stops as well as a mid-day lunch completed the day. Returning to Arbre in the late afternoon, everyone received a small souvenir before returning home.

The AMAL would like to thank the organizers of the event for the cnice event and will certainly return next year.

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