Sandblasting and powdercoating workshop

On Saturday, January 21st, our member KOCH Steve welcomed seven members and invitees for his sandblasting and powdercoating workshop. After a brief introduction as well as a presentation of the equipment, Steve handed out some related information on a leaflet.

The workshop started with the sandblasting of a few small pieces, brought by members Pol and Gab. Subsequently, attendees had the opportunity to try “blasting” by themselves while given advises and recommendations.

Eventually, with some freshly blasted, clean parts at hand, Steve demonstrated the process of powdercoating. This step remained in the hands of the tutor since some experience is required to get a satisfying result.

While the pieces where “baked” in the oven (primer and colorcoating), exchanges between participants where many and constructive while Steve offered a drink.

We happily thank Steve for this initiative and are eager to wait for the next workshop.

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